Thursday, November 12, 2015

Something ghosts cant do

Mick and I left the circus yard. The city looked abandoned and spooky, so silent. The wind blew on every corner. I couldnt understand what was happening. The ghost of a man who died more than hundred years ago, my zombie friend, Mick, had suddenly come back to life after we both went through a mirror in a haunted house... yeah, I know. I kept telling myself I was dreaming, maybe i had an accident and was in comma, it all had to be a fantasy cause nothing made sense. Even for a person like me, used to see spirits, it was a bit too crazy.
{NanTra} Poses

We were exploring a dirty garage, trying to decide if it was the 'safe' place we were supposed to find.
While Mick walked around, I checked a weird newspaper that i found on a counter.
Color Me Project
 Frozen - Newspaper Poses  
LAVIAN - Essentials Locked Away 
 Frozen - Newspaper Poses  
LAVIAN - Essentials Locked Away 
PaulPolo Glass heart outfit
Vestige Creations man walk pose
Isnt he lovely? :) I loved to tease him when he was a zombie. He always had a great sense of
Color Me Project 
Frozen - Newspaper Poses 
  LAVIAN - Essentials Locked Away
#187# Cuttie Bows Heels 
humor, and he had not lost it when changing into human or whatever he was now.

Then I heard a noise in the street, and while Mick was busy I decided to go and check...
ASO!&Soothe Alphabet petit ring gacha
Color Me Project #187# Cuttie Bows Heels 

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